Chesterfield to stick with Derbyshire

Decisions about key services in Chesterfield will continue to be made in Derbyshire now Chesterfield Borough Council has withdrawn its application to join Sheffield City Region.

Chesterfield Borough Council applied to join Sheffield City Region, which is a 'combined authority' made up of Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

This would have meant key services in Chesterfield - the biggest town in Derbyshire − would have been controlled by the combined authority and a powerful elected Sheffield City Region Mayor.

Derbyshire County Council, which opposed the plans because it didn't think they were in the best interests of Chesterfield or Derbyshire, called a referendum to give Chesterfield people a voice after many said they didn't want to join Sheffield.

Now Chesterfield has confirmed it is no longer looking to join Sheffield City Region plans for the referendum have been withdrawn.

Read the response from Leader of Derbyshire County Council Councillor Barry Lewis.

In November 2016 Derbyshire County Council took Sheffield City Region Combined Authority to the High Court because it believed a public consultation on whether the region should expand to include Chesterfield was unfair and misleading.

The High Court ruled that Sheffield City Region's consultation was unlawful because it did not ask the direct question whether local people wanted Sheffield City Region to expand to include Chesterfield.