Population projections

These projections show what population levels would result if assumptions about future migration, fertility and mortality were exactly realised. The assumptions underlying the calculation of the projections are based on recent demographic trends and do not reflect the impact of future policies.

Population projections - 2012 to 2035

Table showing population projections by area
Amber Valley122,700125,500131,900136,80014,10011.5%
Derbyshire Dales71,30072,40075,70078,1006,8006.6%
High Peak91,10092,90096,70099,5008,4009.2%
NE Derbyshire99,300100,900104,700107,1007,8007.9%
S Derbyshire96,000101,200110,800117,50021,50022.4%
Derby City246,924261,793288,424311,61864,69426.2%
East Midlands4,567,7004,711,9004,998,4005,229,900662,20016.2%

Source: Office for National Statistics 2012-based projections, ONS © Crown copyright

"Derbyshire" refers to the area administered by Derbyshire County Council which excludes the city of Derby.

Numbers may not sum due to rounding.

Detailed figures

The table above shows only a brief summary of the full population projections. More detailed figures are available from the following sources:

  • A spreadsheet containing projections by gender and five year age group can be viewed and downloaded from the related documents below.

  • The Derbyshire Observatory (opens in a new window) also contains projections at single year intervals by gender and age group, but in addition it shows broad age groups (child, working age, retirement age) and dependency ratios. Furthermore, it provides facilities for visualising the data by means of maps and charts.

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Related documents

The following document is in Excel format. You can download software to view Excel documents for free from the Excel viewer page (opens in a new window) of the Microsoft website.

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