Community Area Profiles for Amber Valley Borough

Community area profiles are a way of understanding the quality of life in local communities and helping us to find ways to make improvements.

They can help:

  • identify key issues such as unemployment and health
  • highlight geographical differences between areas
  • influence policy and resource decisions.

A draft set of profiles have been developed based on the Audit Commission's 10 quality of life themes.

Full and summary profiles

The full profiles bring together more than a hundred pieces of information including statistical and consultation data as well as performance and other information. They provide a rounded picture of an area.

The summary profiles contain 33 key statistics.

Both full and summary profiles are available for Derbyshire's 42 community areas and can be downloaded from the more information section on this page.

A full profile for Derbyshire county is also available for comparison.

The user guide

More about these areas is described in the user guide, which contains a map showing all the areas.

The user guide can be downloaded from the more information section on this page. It also contains information on how to read and understand the area profiles as well as details of the statistics included.

Your comments

We welcome your comments on the draft profiles in terms of their use and also any improvements that we could make in the future. Please email us with your views.

Related documents

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download software to view PDF documents for free from the Adobe website (opens in a new window)

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