Do you need a licence? Many licences are the responsibility of the district or borough councils to register and approve but we regulate some.

Moving animals

All movements of cattle, deer, sheep, goats and pigs are controlled by a general licence.

Performing animals

If you show or train animals for public performance you will need to register with us.

Explosives including fireworks

Most premises where explosives such as fireworks, black powder, safety cartridges or detonators (including vehicle airbag detonators) are kept, are required by law to have a current explosives registration.

Selling fireworks throughout the year

Fireworks may only be supplied during permitted periods of the year, unless the supplier holds an annual licence for the sale of fireworks. This is in addition to having a current storage licence/registration.

Petroleum spirit

Any person who stores or wishes to store petroleum spirit in storage tanks (including bowsers) must, by law, have a licence.


The law prohibits the sale by people, other than registered pharmacists, of certain non-medicinal poisons unless the seller has their name on the local authority's list entitling them to sell poisons from the premises named.

Public highway licenses

We issue licenses for skips, scaffolds, hoardings and building materials on the public highway. We also issue licenses for road closures, temporary traffic lights and street cafés.

Some licences are controlled by the district or borough councils. You can find out more by using our A-Z of services - there is a link in the related links section.

Visit our fees page for a full list of our fees for the current year.

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