Markham Vale Environment Centre

Markham Vale Workshop The Markham Vale Environment Centre is a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly business centre.

The Markham Vale Environment Centre is the flagship business centre for the Markham Vale business park.

Development of the centre has been led by the county council in partnership with public and private sector partners to realise this innovative and ambitious project. 

The £3 million project has been part funded by the:
  • European Union's European Regional Development Fund
  • East Midlands Regional Development Agency
  • Alliance Sub-regional Strategic Partnership
  • North Derbyshire Charity for Education and Training.

The centre is a 18,000 square foot building. It is fully sustainable and environmentally friendly with a roof mounted wind turbine to generate electricity, solar panels and a 'grey' water recycling facility, to filter rain water from the roof. Short rotation willow is being grown on the site to provide wood fuel for the centre's wood fired heating boiler.

14 workshops; 'hot desk' facilities; business advice and administrative support are available to meet the
specific needs of companies in the  environmental technology sector. Amenities include exhibition space; conference and training facilities; and full broadband connections. 

To find out more about the units which are available to rent visit the property to let pages. 

Contact the centre manager Trudi Saxton for more information on 01246 826000.

An information sheet and meeting facility details can be viewed or downloaded from the related documents section.

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