Economic development

We are actively working in partnership with economic development agencies and other relevant organisations to strengthen the local economy and tackle deprivation throughout the county.

We are committed to improving the economy of Derbyshire, through sustainable developments. Our key objectives are to:

  • to enhance the quality of life of our communities
  • to support local businesses
  • to create the climate and environment for investment
  • to maximise external funding
  • to create jobs for local people.

Much of our economic development work is through partnership working with the Derbyshire Economic Partnership and at sub regional level with the Local Enterprise Partnerships.

For specific help in setting up social enterprises follow the link. This gives information about the work we have supported and lets you download a range of social enterprise resources, including step by step  self-help guides and examples. 

GOV.UK is a central website providing government information to businesses.

We are currently aware that  there are parts of Derbyshire where the broadband service is weak. Views on the extent of the problem are being gathered from residents and businesses. The link to the council's Broadband survey can be found below.

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