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Digital Derbyshire is a £34m partnership led by us and BT, and is supported by the Government, D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and the European Regional Development Fund.

We are working in partnership with BT to lay hundreds of miles of fibre optic cable, bringing better, faster broadband to parts of Derbyshire - particularly in rural areas. 

It means thousands of homes and businesses can now order fibre broadband from an internet service provider of their choice. 

By building on the commercial coverage already provided, we're aiming for 98 percent of homes and businesses in Derbyshire to be able to access speeds of at least 24mb per second by the end of 2018.

Almost all remaining properties - those in really hard to reach places where it's not possible to roll out fibre broadband - will have access to at least 2mb per second, which is enough for general web surfing and sending emails.

For further information about the programme please visit the Digital Derbyshire website (opens in a new window) or the latest news section (opens in a new window).

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