Derbyshire care services directory

We compile a directory to help people who are considering entering a care home in Derbyshire.

The homes featured in this directory are either owned by us, private sector owners, or voluntary sector organisations.

All care homes are registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) (opens in a new window) to ensure they comply with national minimum standards.

Using the Care Services Directory

If you would like a paper copy of the directory, you can telephone Call Derbyshire on tel: 01629 533190 and they will post a copy to you.

You can also view the electronic Derbyshire Care Services Directory (opens in a new window)

Alternatively, a PDF version is attached in the related documents section of this page.

Further information and advice

Further advice and information, including the NHFA (Nursing Homes Fees Agency) Long Term Care Guide or contact with a local adviser is available from:

St Leonards House
Mill Street
Oxford OX29 4JX

Care Advice Line, Freephone tel: 0800 99 88 33

Related documents

The following document is in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download software to view PDF documents for free from the Adobe website (opens in a new window)

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